Which one’s the bigger issue?

There are some serious questions when it comes to all those influential people screaming for state sponsored censorship on the internet. 

So, different opinions and “disinformation” needs to be censored because they are dangerous. This is when they stand up and demand something is done about the internet. 

What about all the other more dangerous stuff on the internet? What about all those porn sites, where people might get forced into participating, or the child abuse that can be found? Why isn’t anyone putting more focus on that? Why isn’t it more important to regulate and censor those things? 

No one is demanding to censor those things, no, just differing opinions.

Speaking of children and pornography, Ghislaine Maxwell anyone? There was a trial, hardly anyone noticed. It’s been five months… and still no information about a client list. Why isn’t any of this a priority? Why aren’t people upset here? Why aren’t they demanding to learn the names of every single person who was involved in those horrible crimes, who participated in the trafficking of those poor children in any shape or form? 

Everyone is so damn focused on taking away people’s right of an opinion and nobody cares about real crime committed to young girls by very influential people, people in powerful positions who can influence the laws that are passed… people don’t care about any of this. All they care about is to not have to be faced with the reality of their own opinion possibly being wrong. 

It’s disgusting. 

The media could easily get people to care about the sex trafficking, might even be able to get the client list, if they’d cared enough to do so. But they’d rather complain about free speech being granted to everyone on a social media platform.

Read that again, the media is complaining about the right of free speech… 

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