Mental gymnastics at its finest

Has anyone else noticed, how people just repeat things they read or hear and are told that is what is right and never actually take the time to listen to themselves or think about what they are saying and how much they contradict themselves?

We are told that women are right to scream “my body my choice” when it comes to abortions and that men have no right to share their opinions because they are not the ones carrying the baby. You can agree with that or not that is not my point. 

Then men are told that they have to pay child support, even if they didn’t want the child, or the woman tricked him so that she would get pregnant against his will. There is no more “my body my choice” here. The man has no say when it comes to the decision whether his child gets a chance to live or not but when he doesn’t want the child, he will have to pay financial support for years. Not saying men shouldn’t pay child support, just pointing out a flaw in the logic. 

So, men aren’t allowed to have an opinion when it comes to abortions because they are never going to be in the situation that they end up pregnant. 

And yet we are also told that there is no such thing as men and women. That men and women are a social construct, and everyone can be whatever they want to be, biology be damned. 

So, with that logic men can get pregnant and can have babies and they therefore should have a say in the abortion debate, right?

There are so many contradictions in those statements that are being made to virtue signal and honestly the mental gymnastics people have to do to believe all that must be exhausting. 

I don’t know, but I’m constantly surprised about the fact how many people just say what everyone else is saying and turn off their brain. Never thinking about the actual implications and contradictions of what they are saying. And how uninformed and stupid it makes them look. 

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