Heat is overrated

I think it’s great how all the governments around the world are showing Russia how bad they are… you know no longer buying Russia’s oil. Which yeah, is bad for Russia and you know the citizen of the country who are not at all responsible for the choices their government makes. 

It’s also great how all of our oil prices will rise thanks to that choice the government made for us, another one we didn’t really ask for. 

But you know, no big deal, it’s not like most countries are fighting inflation, or a lot of people lost their jobs over the last two years and are already struggling to pay their bills. 

Higher oil prices, no big deal, just you know, drive less or something along those lines, it’s good for the environment,… And just turn off the heater, I mean who needs to be warm in their home while the temperatures are still freezing outside? Heat in winter is way overrated. 

And so is you know, all the other stuff that gets delivered through vehicles that need oil or gas to move. I mean it’s not like those prices are going to get raised, just because the businesses behind them need to pay more for oil… right? I mean it’s not like they’re already struggling after two years of restrictions… 

So, yeah, thank you to our politicians for deciding to punish Russia, and all the other hard-working people around the world. Great decision. Can we take that money from your paychecks? I mean, it would only be fair, our taxes pay your salaries and you earn more than any person with a normal job society relies on.

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