Ask the questions

Switzerland is taking a side. 

Switzerland, a country that is known for and made fun of, for its neutrality, for never taking a side, is taking a side and no one questions that? No one wonders why? Why is Switzerland suddenly no longer neutral? Why is one of the richest countries in the world, known for its neutrality suddenly declaring to side with Ukraine? Why is it following the decisions the EU made? Why is it preparing its army, which is also something the country is usually made fun of? When they never have before. There have been several wars over the years, Switzerland never took a side. So why now? What has changed? What makes this one different than all the others?

What is going on? Why are they breaking tradition? Why are they taking part in a conflict of this proportion? What will they gain by siding with Ukraine?

Switzerland profits from Russia. Switzerland has profited from Russia for years. Why would they risk that to side with Ukraine? 

Switzerland is known for its banking system, for taking money from all sides. Switzerland is also known for sending weapons to all sides. That is the Swiss definition of neutrality, playing both sides. Profiting through that. So, why have they suddenly changed their game? Why are they alienating Russia?

I honestly don’t have most of the answers to those questions but asking the questions leads to people wondering, which leads to researching which leads to looking for answers which leads to the truth. Hopefully.

This is just something that has been on my mind for a while. 

I would love to believe it is simply because of the goodness of the politicians’ hearts but I guess I’m too cynical to believe that. It smells fishy to me so I’m going to go wade in the dark waters for a while trying to figure out what creature is swimming in there.

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