I’m a free person, I will always be a free person

I’m not sure when democracy came to mean that the government can decide over my body, my personal life, who I’m allowed to see, when I’m allowed to see them, and under which circumstances I’m allowed to see them. 

So, number one. The right to bodily integrity is a human right. It is nothing any government has the right to take from me. They know that. It’s the reason they twisted that article around as much as they could to make it sound like they’re not violating it and in that violating a third of the population. The few have no longer a right to their bodily integrity because that right could endanger the many… that is not how it works. My body is my body. The only person who has a right to decide over it is me. No one else. And most of all not my government. 

Number two. There is a very likely chance right now that I won’t be allowed to spend Christmas with my family. We are a total of seven people. You may not be allowed to be more than 6 people if one person isn’t vaccinated. I’m the only one in the family, the two kids under 3, not included who isn’t vaccinated and is planning to stay with that status. 

How is it that a democratic government is allowed to make those choices for the people? I never voted for that. I never voted to be ruled like a dictatorship. I know, health reasons, safety of the people… wait, I heard that one before in history class… anyone remember how that one turned out? Probably not many in person anymore, it was more than 70 years ago after all… guess that is one of the reasons why things have been able to go as far as they have gone and why they’ll probably go even further still.

They can keep me from going to work, they can keep me from going to restaurants, they can even keep me from seeing my family, it still won’t change my mind, far from it, it’ll make me all the more determined to not bend to their will. I refuse to comply with tyranny and that is what this is. 

How is prohibiting to see family for the good of the people? How does that help? But I guess no one cares about mental health, only physical one. What about all those grandparents who won’t be able to spend what might be their last Christmas with their families? We’re doing this for their good right? How is that good for them? What’s the point of living if you’re all alone and not allowed to see the people you love? How is that even living? Life has little meaning if you can’t share it with the people who matter to you. 

I hope you get to spend the Holidays with your families, I hope you get to share them with the people you love. And not isolated and alone, because some politicians decided that was what’s best for you. Honestly, how would they know? They don’t know you, they don’t care about you enough to get to know you and to learn what’s important to you. 

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